I love you my handsome cuddle bug, my love bug. Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for choosing me.


Life is just a series of waves. Some crashing into the shore line, others rolling peacefully on to the sand and slipping away. They happen simultaneously as different parts of our life carry on in different story lines as they erode time. I find myself in the different waves of motherhood as my relationship with…

Our Planned Surprise

So last August or so was somewhat of a wild ride. Our Anniversary On August 8th, we took a pregnancy test.  We already suspected that I was pregnant but I wanted to see the positive test result on our 4 year wedding anniversary.  To no surprise, it was positive!  We went on our anniversary date…

Ten Little Discoveries

Since it’s been so long since I’ve let you into my little world, a lot has changed (notice the name change!).  It’s a lot, in fact too much, to put down in a story of past events, so I’ll not do that.  What I thought I would do though, is let you in on a few little discoveries I’ve stumbled upon on my way here.