Just wait. 

As she begins to wake I hear her and her father begin to talk. I sneak a peak on the monitor. I move the camera from her bed to him holding her, rocking back and forth, her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around him. I listen a little closer and I hear him hum to her.

I Feel Cute Today

If we have less to worry about at the beginning of our day – our kickoff, our jump start to productivity and mindfulness – we’d all be better off and on our way to a more peaceful life.

Just Us

As I do with all our anniversaries, I was thinking about what I most enjoy about our lives, and what I’m most thankful for.  After twelve years together there’s an endless amount of things I’m thankful for but the one thing that kept coming to mind, was perhaps quite boring, but it just what kept making me smile.

It’s All Relative

I ran yesterday, and I thought, “This is hard!”  But then I remembered that I was a mother of a teething, breastfeeding-like-a-newborn, toddler and realized, “Wow!  This run is a piece of cake!” I immediately ran faster.

What it’s all about

As I have been able to think about this more and more over the past few days I now realize I have made a rookie mistake in this minimalist journey.

“Thank you, Mommy”

As parents we strive to raise our children to be kind.  To be thoughtful.  To be polite.  We hope and pray we are modeling behaviors that will ultimately teach them these qualities.

Forgotten Treasures

I started this journey a short while ago and have been purging slowly and selling items. Today I sold another item. After the buyer left she took that item home and set it up in the perfect room. Her granddaughter’s room that she has for when she visits. It’s the perfect color and the perfect size. This night stand was mine when I was a child. It has lived in my basement for about 10 years. Unused. Unloved. Hoarded. For what? Nothing. But now- now this item has a home. It is being loved and is awaiting its new owner, a little girl like I was when I owned it and loved it too. 
Some ask how you can get rid of something that has sentimental value. Some ask how you could sell something for next to nothing when it was worth so much more when it was new. 
This. It is selfish for us to keep those things that we do not find value in anymore. Little do you know, there is a person out there that will. It will serve a specific purpose in someone else’s life. It will be “new” once again. 
There is so much to being a minimalist, and today I was reminded of the fact that, in addition to so many blessings that have come to our family because we have started this journey, minimalism is not just about us. It can also be about others that are awaiting our forgotten treasures.

Ten Little Discoveries

Since it’s been so long since I’ve let you into my little world, a lot has changed (notice the name change!).  It’s a lot, in fact too much, to put down in a story of past events, so I’ll not do that.  What I thought I would do though, is let you in on a few little discoveries I’ve stumbled upon on my way here.