Less Toys, More Play

Minimalism is now something that I try to implement in my own life while living with my husband and daughter.  While on this journey, I hope to influence them through my new way of thinking, but I also try and be careful to not force it on them.  Anything being forced on someone can’t be…

Balance & Realization

So you know that little package I got in the mail? Well… I. Kept. Everything. And you know what?  I’m not sorry. I kept the purple sweater, the skirt that fits just right, the button down shirt for work (with a sleeve length only a tailor could accomplish), the perfect cardigan (with POCKETS!) and even…

Minimalist Confessions

The mindfulness that comes with minimalism can be exhausting sometimes!  Or is that just me? Either way, I still have to say, it’s totally worth it.


The day I said I would be your girlfriend 12 years ago today, was the best decision I ever made.


On this journey of life we often go about our days and think little about how we spend our time, where we put our energies and if that energy is to serve the greater good or to serve our own lives and our own happiness.

Tips on Selling and Letting Go

At the end of the day, it’s about being lighter.  This is hard work at the onset and you could have a tendency to feel discouraged if things don’t go as planned.  It might end up being a lot more difficult that you had envisioned or much, much slower.  The truth is, it can be hard, and it can be slow.

Just take one day at a time, one item or group of items at a time; one closet or project at a time, and go easy on yourself. And remember to not get lost in the “how”, and remember the “why”.


This has been such an enlightenment and such a wonderful journey I have stumbled upon.  It happened by some beautiful accident and it seems I just looked up one day and realized I was here.

I Did a Thing. 

It was hard. But not as hard as I was expecting. I thought I would cry.  I didn’t.  I thought I was going to be sad.  I’m not. 

Just wait. 

As she begins to wake I hear her and her father begin to talk. I sneak a peak on the monitor. I move the camera from her bed to him holding her, rocking back and forth, her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around him. I listen a little closer and I hear him hum to her.

I Feel Cute Today

If we have less to worry about at the beginning of our day – our kickoff, our jump start to productivity and mindfulness – we’d all be better off and on our way to a more peaceful life.