Hi!  I’m Elizabeth.

Momma and Madison

This is a place where I like to write.

I will give you a peak into my little world and I always try and share things that have helped me as a mom, a career woman, a wife, or just a regular person trying to live life to the fullest.  I try to inspire and create pieces that are meaningful.

My husband, Eric, is my rock and our daughter, Madison, is 2 years old and the light of our life!

Photo shoot/ credit: Wendy Rakvica Photography


If you like what you see, I have a couple other sites as well:

A breastfeeding blog where I try and help breastfeeding mothers reach their goals through sharing my own experiences as a breastfeeding mother:

Maddy’s Milk

A historical lifestyle/ fashion site where I, in my past life, enjoyed sharing ideas of how to piece together outfits and show how we can make the most of our existing wardrobes without having to go spend money on a new one.  I also shared recipes for quick dinner ideas and the progress of my gardens.

Fashion, Flowers and Food