“Good” Morning

Today I’m surrounded by sadness. It’s a deep thought-out sadness that runs through every aspect of my life. From the worldwide scale all the way down to the family tragedies that are currently happening in my world, this sadness is hard to shake. Each of us goes through periods in our life where, “When it rains, it pours.” Where we’re afraid if we hear one more ounce of bad news, we might break.

But today, I invite you on my quest to try to find a silver lining. To try and find things in our life for which we’re grateful. Look beside you. What do you see? Is it a puppy that takes up way too much of the bed to actually be called a puppy? Pet them, and be thankful for that hairy mut. Is it a kitty that is soft and cuddly? Is it a baby next to you sleeping soundly after a night of kicking you in the ribs, but gives the best cuddles when they first wake up? Or a spouse that sleeps soundly as you’re comforted by the sound of their breath? Or simply a warm bed you have all to yourself that never objects if you feel like spreading out and stretching any way you please?

Whatever you’re waking up to this morning, take a second to find one thing that makes you smile. One thing you’re grateful for. Before your feet hit the floor, be thankful.

Then.. make your bed. Because everyone knows that starting the day off with a single thing that we accomplished will lead to a great day, and a Good morning.


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