Balance & Realization

So you know that little package I got in the mail?


I. Kept. Everything.

And you know what?  I’m not sorry.

I kept the purple sweater, the skirt that fits just right, the button down shirt for work (with a sleeve length only a tailor could accomplish), the perfect cardigan (with POCKETS!) and even the little clutch I don’t need.

On Monday morning I grabbed the little skirt I received, and I worked my outfit around it.  I paired it with a black shirt (also from Stitch Fix a few Fixes ago), some black tights and my black ankle boots.

Having that new piece to inspire a new outfit made me feel good and even inspired a little make up application (something that takes a lot of effort these days).

All day Monday I felt a little pep in my step as I walked around feeling confident and nice – work worthy and not at all hiding from Executives as I passed them by in the hallways.

Finding Balance

This is a marathon, and not at all a sprint.

A lifestyle change and nothing at all like a fad diet.

So with any new lifestyle shift we have to allow ourselves a cheat day.

We have to allow ourselves that glass of wine while we’re on our diet, so we can continue on for the long haul.

We have to find the balance that allows our overall happiness to shine through.

And while yes, I bought clothes, it doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to buying new clothes each week.  I went six months without buying clothes where in my past life I wouldn’t be able to go six days.

Allow Yourself A Feel Good Moment

That is an accomplishment and we must not forget to feel accomplished when we should.  We must remember to be able to sit back and recognize that we did a pretty damn good job.  Revel in that feeling for a moment and enjoy it.

And I plan on going even longer next time and have already skipped my next fix.

I Will Always Buy Clothes

I don’t plan on canceling my subscription and I’ll tell you why.

First, I work in a corporate office where corporate attire is expected.  So as things fade or become worn to the point where they are no longer professional, the simple truth is, I will need to purchase more clothing to be presentable and in line with the corporate dress code.

Additionally, I am a very odd size that does not allow me to buy off the rack in most cases.  In my past life, I believe this is what got me in trouble.  I would have such a hard time finding garments that fit that when I did, I would buy it in every color.  If I found a brand that fit me, I would buy almost every garment they made.


It was difficult to find clothes that fit me from the juniors section as a college kid, but as a professional women, it has become even more challenging.  I am small.  At 5 foot tall my legs are short.  Very short especially when it comes to the misses section in any department store.  When I finally find a petite section that is maybe one rack’s worth, they then turn wide.  Because not only are my legs short, but my build is also small down to my waist, and my arms.  No matter what I do, I can’t buy a pair of dress slacks without having to get them tailored and forget about finding a blazer that I don’t have to role up the sleeves.

Being Deliberate

Stitch Fix has been a blessing in that they have my measurements.  Every time I open the box and try something on, it fits.  It’s as simple as that.  They also have my style profile that I filled out and I can tell them no purses (which I just updated since I really don’t need that clutch), and I also have the ability to receive only American made or vegan options only.  I can also skip a fix over and over until I feel like I need my wardrobe to be freshened up.  And when that time comes, I have the ability to write to my stylist to tell them exactly what I need, and they will listen and send me options of what I ask for.  As long as I’m deliberate about my fixes and use this as a tool, I will benefit from its services, and yes, I can still be a minimalist.

Minimalism Is Not One Size Fits All

As we become more mindful in our daily actions, things will come to light as we learn more and more about ourselves each day.  There are things that we will realize we need or don’t need.  We adjust our actions to be in line with what we value, find important, and find necessary.  And that will look different for each individual and will also look different as we grow individually.

The trick is to accept what comes and goes as you grow and not compare ourselves to others, but to look inside and make sure we are truly happy in our own decisions as we make them.

Reclaiming My Time

There will be a time when I need something new for my wardrobe, but I’ll be damned if I waist hours in a mall to do so.  Instead, I will use tools like Stitch Fix to reclaim that time and reallocate it to what really matters.


Because that’s what this is all about.  Creating the life you want and getting back your time to be spent where it’s best spent – with the people you love.


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