Minimalist Confessions

The minimalism journey is a thoughtful approach to life, I have discovered.

It’s being mindful in every thing you do.

And it’s hard.

There are so many facets to minimalism and so many different things you can tackle in your life, but one of my main things has been clothes.

In my past life, I found enjoyment in clothes, in fashion, and in buying said clothes to make myself feel fashionable.  I followed fashion blogs and loved getting the latest trendy top to go with the cutest pair of jeans each time I had a place to go or a date to go on with my, now, husband.  Behind the scenes, though, of my, so called, pleasurable, fashionable lifestyle I was wracking up debt and probably helping to kill the planet (I wonder how many of those clothes are now in landfills? 😦 ).

So, on this new found thing called minimalism, I have made a change.  For the most part, I have stopped buying clothes and I have sold, donated and gotten rid of countless amounts of clothes.  This has helped me feel better each morning by spending less time deciding what to wear and has allowed me to spend more time deciding what my daughter should wear, eat, (you get the idea).  I think it goes without saying that being a mom has definitely helped me make the decision to attempt to be a minimalist.

But one thing that I couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe to on my journey to find peace in owning less and, more importantly, buying less, was my Stitch Fix account.

I only had it set up for each quarter and for the last two scheduled “fixes” I skipped them.  So I haven’t received anything from them in six months.

Well, I just got an email and…

My “fix” has been shipped.


And you know what?  I’m absolutely giddy over it!

Completely, over the top, giddy that I’m about to get something in the mail that I probably don’t need and that I will probably spend money on once it gets here.

I think that part of the reason I’m excited is because I really wished I had kept those adorable black pants in my last Fix that I sent back.  Maybe I’ll get them back, or something similar.

I don’t know if I should be mad at myself, or if I should be a little more forgiving (because we’re all human and not robots after all).

So to answer this, I try and remember the “Why?”.  I think about Madison and how I really love being able to put her into a nice school, and how that is an essential to me and us as parents.  And how I really enjoy not having to be in debt over clothes anymore and how I still don’t have room in my closet even after pairing down a million times.

And then I think about how I could really use just one long sleeve shirt now that it’s becoming colder, and how, if I get a cute pair of black pants, damnit, I’m buying them!

All these mixed emotions over one simple email that basically said, “You’re about to get some shit in the mail, and that shit will most likely stress you out and make you love life all at the same time.”

I guess this just goes to show that some habits die hard.  But when I get that adorable little box in the mail I must remember to ask myself, “What would buying something now really look like in the future?  Will I wear this for years to come?  Is there something else that it can replace that has gotten old and needs to be gotten rid of anyway?  Will I regret the purchase financially?  Or will I regret not purchasing it?”

The mindfulness that comes with minimalism can be exhausting sometimes!  Or is that just me?

Either way, I still have to say, it’s totally worth it.  So, I will carry on, and probably send everything back.

Even the cute little black pants.




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