On this journey of life we often go about our days and think little about how we spend our time, where we put our energies and if that energy is to serve the greater good or to serve our own lives and our own happiness.

And then, somewhere along the way, many times we realize we have a subtle unhappiness lurking about us.  After this realization, we tend to ask ourselves…

“How can I help myself?”

“What actions do I need to take to be content?” Many times, when we’re feeling a little down, we go through the common list of things we think will help us feel better.

Workout, sure.

Read more, great.

Get caught up on my “To Do’s”, of course.

But maybe that’s the wrong question.

We, of course, need to take care of ourselves, but what if there’s more to it than just that?  What if we take a minute to not only take care of ourselves, but do something a little extra that could make all the difference for our overall well-being?  And maybe that little extra, has nothing to do with ourselves at all.

What if we flip it around and ask instead,

“How can I help others?”

What if, when we feel like we’re missing something, we ask ourselves, “What have I done for the greater good lately?”

And if that answer is, “Not a damn thing”, or just “Not much lately”, we pick something.

Perhaps it’s volunteering for a particular organization that we’re passionate about, or educating ourselves in a particular topic so that we can later contribute more to that field.

Whatever it is, I promise you, if you pursue it, you will, not only help others, but you will find your purpose, and therefore you will feel more fulfilled.

Don’t let the gift that is YOU go to waste.

Go, and do great things!  And I promise, we will be grateful, and you will also reap the benefits of helping others!



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