For the past 5 months I have been purging.

Purging and decluttering and purging some more.

I’ve also been expanding my mind and soul through podcasts from wonderful people such as The Minimalists, The Functioning Minimalists and my most recent favorite, Rob Bell.

This has been such an enlightenment and such a wonderful journey I have stumbled upon.  It happened by some beautiful accident and it seems I just looked up one day and realized I was here.

So far on my journey since June I have gotten rid of countless clothes through my own version of a capsule wardrobe and have begun selling or giving away items I no longer need.

An unexpected perk to all this has been the ability to add value to other peoples lives through the items they receive from me.

Most recently I sold an old wood stove that we no longer had any use for to someone that placed it in the perfect spot right before the cold winter nights.  The cold winter of the Northeast is upon us and it gives me so much joy to know that this family will be toasty warm thanks to this little wood stove.  It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to contribute to someone else’s life. To make their journey a little less difficult, or just a little more joyful.  This old thing was just sitting in the basement, like many of the things I have been selling or giving away, serving no purpose at all.

The only thing I regret is not letting it go sooner.

My new found self and sense of all this has been truly awakening.  As each thing goes or each epiphany that sparks, I feel very empowered and more free from the burden of all the things.  I have been able to use the cash from selling the things to help pay off debt, and I am and will continue to feel




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