I Did a Thing. 

I did something.

I did something big (to me).

I am still on the journey of minimalism and this is a big step for me.

I threw away my beloved teddy bear from my childhood.

I did that.

It was hard. But not as hard as I was expecting. I thought I would cry.  I didn’t.  I thought I was going to be sad.  I’m not.

The fact is, as I sit here writing this, I don’t feel much at all about the act of throwing this little stuffed bear away.

I slept with that little bear for way longer than most children probably sleep with a stuffed animal but I am thankful for the nights I was able to hold it tight.


I have been paring down and purging for about four months and as the items have left my possession it has felt liberating and freeing. This one was a little heavier. This was the first sentimental item that has left me.  But it was with purpose as I know this will only help in my journey to better understand the purpose of physical items and the emotion attached to those items.

The memories of that little bear have not left me. His little worn nose and suede paws will always be felt if I think of my childhood.  The actual little bear was tucked away in a desk drawer surving no purpose but to take up space. The tangible item, the clutter, is no more but the memory stays.

Don’t be afraid of that.  I have discovered that just because something has left a space in your home doesn’t mean it leaves an empty space in your heart.


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  1. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been , but I commend you for it! I still have my childhood stuffed animal that I couldn’t imagine getting rid of.

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    1. Libby says:

      It was hard but it was good. It’s a necessary step in my journey and a liberating feeling to be ok with letting go. ❤

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    2. Libby says:

      … and thank you! 🙂💕

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