Just wait. 

My daughter asks for me every morning. 

Without fail she wakes up and says “Mommy?” 

That desire grows along with her calling out to me and I listen in the other room as my husband wakes her for daycare. 

My instinct is to go to her.  She needs me, I must go. 

“But just wait,” I tell myself. 

As she begins to wake I hear her and her father begin to talk. I sneak a peak on the monitor. I move the camera from her bed to him holding her, rocking back and forth, her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around him.  I listen a little closer and I hear him hum to her. 

She slowly begins to wake and giggle as he tickles her gently. 

As she wakes she becomes happier and more sweet giggles fill the monitor speakers as I well up with tears. 

This is their time and I am watching their bond grow before my eyes. I almost feel guilt as I spy on this special moment between them but I don’t care. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and I’m so incredibly grateful to witness such beauty, such love. 


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  1. Such a cute read! Loved this!

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