Just Us

My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and we will celebrate 12 years together this fall.

As I do with all our anniversaries, I was thinking about what I most enjoy about our lives, and what I’m most thankful for.  After twelve years together there’s an endless amount of things I’m thankful for but the one thing that kept coming to mind was, perhaps, quite boring, but it just kept making me smile.

The quiet times.

The times when we are just alone, sitting together, our legs touching, not a word needing to be said.

No buffer needed to make us feel comfortable.  No awkward silence, but just… silence.  Just the two of us at the end of the day after the baby has gone to sleep and we can just sit and hang out together.

Neither one of us feels like we need to say anything to fill the silence.  Neither one of us has a desire to be anywhere else but where we are right there in that moment.

There is not anyone else in the world that I would feel so comfortable with.  These are the moments that I cherish.

The peacefulness of being next to you.

Just us.

Just being.

It’s the most simple thing in the world.  But it’s my favorite.  As I feel your leg against mine as I glance at you and you glance at me and smile, I know that we will enjoy growing old together.

We are thriving in our lives as parents of a toddler.  The energy that comes with that brings us to life, and watching how amazing he is as a father makes my heart burst with joy.  But I know we will also enjoy the stillness after all the dust settles and the hustle and bustle of having our children is over.

This stillness is the glue that makes up the beginning, the middle, and the end of our lives together.  It’s what makes us, US.  This is what forever looks like, and the view is pretty great from where I’m sitting… next to you.


Dedicated to my husband.  My person.  “LU”



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