What it’s all about

We went to a wedding this past weekend.  My husband is the sweetest guy and often, at events like this, likes for us to escape to have a moment to ourselves.

The wedding was at a beautiful venue right on the water. We walked down to the water and took in the peacefulness of the crisp air and the calm reflection of the moon on the lake.

He said, “This is nice.”

“Very,” I replied looking at him taking it in (he’s pretty hot).

“What if we did this?”

“Did what?” I asked.

“Had a place on the water?”

He started reminiscing on our visits to our friend’s camp on the water.  The atmosphere, the feeling of family all around, and having fun. He wants that for our daughter’s childhood.

My newfound minimalist self stepped in. I protested and talked about all the work that would go into this dream camp of his. How we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our little girl. How we’d just be maintaining the camp and have our house be vacant when we visited every weekend as he envisioned.

As I have been able to think about this more and more over the past few days I now realize I have made a rookie mistake in this minimalist journey.

This is what it’s all about!

This has always been OUR dream, not just HIS dream.  We’ve always talked about a camp on the water. We’ve always envisioned our children running around filthy and wet from playing and swimming with skinned up knees from just being kids in the big wide open outdoors.

Minimizing our every day lives is done with purpose.  It’s done so that we can make room for these dreams to come true!  Maybe, once we have minimal things to worry about at home, we’ll finally have the money and the time to put towards something like this.  Something that has always been “some day” can become “today.”

So here’s to a new outlook and realizing that while this is about saying, “No” to the excess, it is also about saying, “Yes!” to our new life.



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  1. That’s what minimalism is all about, right? Saying no to what you don’t care about so you have space for what you do.

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    1. Libby says:

      That’s what I’m starting to realize!


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